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The patience is rewarded on this moment called Iftar

WestZone Supermarket felt like home for employees

We treat our employees not just as valuable assets but as our own extended family. The annual Iftar Hosted by Westzone every year during the Holy month of Ramadan brings this large WestZone family together to celebrate the values we share .It attests to our genuine commitment towards caring for our employees beyond the call of duty because they are members of the Westzone family.”

Due to the pandemic, we made sure to take necessary basic precautions.

1.  Would sit together, though two metres apart, and end their fast.

2.   All the employees of WestZone are vaccinated 

WestZone Wishes everyone A safe and happy Ramadan

May this Ramadan fill your heart with peace, harmony, and joy. WestZone Group wishes everyone to be protected and blessed by Almighty Allah. Ramadan Mubarak.

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