Spread over an area of 300,000 sq.ft., West Zone’s warehouses are a hub of activity for the entire retail business ensuring that the supermarkets are continuously well stocked.

The distribution centre comprises of freezer, chiller,ambient and dry stores. The aim of our warehouse operations is to satisfy customers’ requirements and needs while utilizing space, equipment, and labor efficiently

The goods must be accessible and protected and meeting this goal requires constant planning and ongoing change and adaptability, which is taken care by our expert logistics team. We are able to move goods to and from warehouses because we maintain a private meet of trailers and a skilled staff of truck drivers.


As an active player on the employment market, West Zone fully assumes its corporate responsibility for its employees.

Keen to develop a safe, high-quality workplace environment, based on personal involvement and trust, the group draws on the diversity of its profiles to move forward within a culture of sharing and responsibility

West Zone provides accommodation and food for all retail and back office staff. With an area of 9800 sq. ft., the accommodation houses 350 employees and has in house state-of-the-art kitchen and entertainment facilities. Transport and health facilities are also provided to the employees.