Strong Steps, Sure Progress.

West Zone Group was incorporated in 2005 and has progressed formidably to become one of the top rated corporate house in the UAE.

Shopping Malls

Offering over 150,000 sq. ft. of one-stop shopping experience. Every mall has a West Zone hypermarket along with leisure, entertainment facilities and speciality shops.


With 52 branches in less than 10 years, West Zone is one of the fastest growing hypermarkets chains in UAE.


Master chefs create an impeccable blend of traditional and contemporary dishes on the a-la-carte menu.

Real Estate

West Zone has successfully diversified its portfolio through real estate.

Our Group

Chairman Message

Satisfied customers are the only way to have a major lasting impact in any industry. West Zone is my way of bringing warmth & smiles to lives!

I want West Zone to be the place to shop, the place to sell and the place to work. West Zone is in no competition with anybody except ourselves.

Group Chairman


Our Brands